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Vintage Store Starter/Re-Fill Handpicked mix $15/lb, 10 lbs minimum

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This bulk mix is intended for folks that are opening a store, (brick and mortar or online), or that need a regular re-fill of awesome vintage.
This mix is sold by weight at $15/lb and there is a 10 lbs minimum purchase.
We will hand-pick this mix for you to make sure that everything is re-sale worthy.
This is NOT a custom mix- meaning you don't tell us what to pick. Instead we will use our 25+ years combined experience to pull the items that will sell in any generally cool vintage shop. It will be a mix of mens and women's clothing. Items may include such pieces as: printed vintage tshirts; cotton 80s dresses; women's boho tops, dresses, and skirts; mens western shirts, flannel shirts, and classic button-ups; cool 70s prints and patterns; party dresses; leather jackets; windbreakers; track jackets; women's lacey and frilly blouses; broomstick skirts; hippie/boho skirts; mens cardigans, and more. We will send you a grouping of 4-6 of each style item, so that you have a nice mix of sizes and looks on your racks.
Everything should be sellable even if not your personal style. If you only sell very specific items and you are super picky, this is not the mix for you.

Condition: Grade 1-2. You may need to wash, do small repairs. We will look everything over BUT you should always expect to wash the clothing.
After you've ordered this mix from us once, we can work with you to refine your next order.

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