This information concerns online purchasing. For information and pricing regarding in-person shopping at our Philadelphia warehouse, please visit our Warehouse page.

Online we offer you 3 options for shopping; you can purchase By Weight, By the Bundle, or By the Piece.

By Weight

Purchasing by the pound is the cheapest option but to be very honest, it is a rougher grade of clothing. We have already graded the items for content (such as *here is a big box of western shirts, or 80s dresses*) and while we look every piece over before we put it out in the warehouse, just due to the mass quantities of clothing we process some damage will slip by. For your order, we literally go over to the box(es) and grab armfuls of the clothing until we meet the weight you ordered.

You might receive items that are totally great and wonderful, or you might receive some that have damage, or that don't fit your aesthetic, or dont quite work for your customer base.

This method of purchasing is great for stores that serve an eclectic mix of customers, or that have a low-priced rack where they can sell the "meh" pieces for lower. But if you are a fancy store, with fancy customers, and you know you will freak out if something is damaged or (gasp) plus-sized, then please do not order via this method!

All listing photos you see are examples only.

By the Bundle

Purchasing by the bundle means you are buying a set quantity of goods, such as 6 pieces; 15 pieces; 25 pieces, etc... Each product has the quantity variations in the listing. If you only see a small bundle, such as only 6 or 12 pieces offered, that means our stock of that product is currently low.

With bundles, we take the time to look at each item, and make sure there is no major obvious damage and that the item is reasonably cute. (Please note though, our idea of cuteness and style may differ from yours.)

Bundles are priced according to quantity, but for many items, as the quantity goes up, the price per piece comes down. For example 10 tshirts costs $60 (or $6 each), but if you purchase a bundle of 50 tshirts, the price drops to $275 (or $5.50 each).

If you want a smaller bundle quantity that what we offer, please contact us.

Unless noted otherwise, all listing photos you see are examples only.

By the Piece

You are buying the exact item you see in the photo! This option was developed for the customer who only wants very specific goods. This is the most expensive way to shop our website, but you can pick and choose exactly those items you want, and if you only want the size small flannels- then this category is meant for you.