I've compiled a list of random answers below. For a complete Q&A type answer, just scroll further down the page.

We are closed for a few weeks as we move into our new space. There is a minimum 2-week processing time before your order will ship.

** We sell items on this website either By Weight or By the Bundle.
** Online pricing is not the same as in-person pricing.
** We do not sell bales.
** We do not ship containers.
** Some of our categories are modern because there is so little true vintage actually available.
** The clothing is used. You should absolutely expect to have to clean it.
** We do not currently offer size options.
** Anyone can order online, but our products are intended for re-sellers. There is no guarantee anything will fit you if you are just buying for yourself.
** We do not take photos of the items before we send them to you.
** There is no minimum order.
** Only Industry buyers with an active vintage-related business are allowed to shop in our warehouse.

What are you?
Bulk Vintage Clothing, Inc. is a vintage clothing wholesale company. We sell men's, women's, and kid's vintage fashions from the 1930s-early 2000s, for discounted pricing and usually in large quantities.
Our customers are owners of vintage clothing stores, or re-sellers on Ebay, Depop, or Etsy. We also sell to designers, costumers, textile artists- basically anyone who works with vintage clothing.

How do you sell your clothing?
Online we sell items either By Weight, By the Bundle, or By the Piece.
In the warehouse items are sold by the piece, often with discounts for quantity.

How do I find what I want?
Please take some time to browse the website. The clothing is separated by style, age, material, and methods of purchasing.

I'm looking at "dresses by weight" but I want to purchase "by the bundle instead". How do I do that?
There will be a link at the top of the page to alternative ways to purchase that style of clothing. If you don't see a link, then we don't currently offer other methods of purchasing.

Can I buy more than what you have listed? Like it is maxed at 50 lbs but I want 100 lbs?
Please do NOT add a certain quantity/bundle in your cart more than once.
We have set the listing quantities for a reason- the main one being we do not have more product available to ship within our standard turn-around time. If you attempt to purchase more than we say we have, we'll either have to cancel that portion of the order (and charge you a 3% processing fee), or back-order the product until it becomes available (which may cost you more for shipping).

You list an average of 1-3 pieces per pound (or 2-4, 2-3, etc...). Can I rely on that to expect a certain quantity in my order?
No. That average is only that- *an average*; it is not a guarantee of quantity. Sometimes you might get less, because you received some heavier items in your order. For example, even if it states 1-3 items per pound, you might receive some denim pieces that weigh more than 1 lb. each and that would bring your "quantity" down.

But how can I be certain what quantity to expect? I need this for an event and I need a specific quantity.
We suggest ordering up a bit- so instead of 25 lbs get 40 lbs. Or order by the bundle instead. Or communicate with us about your needs and expectations *before* you purchase and we will be happy to work with you!

How do you calculate shipping?
Shipping is determined by weight. We ship via UPS or USPS.

I'm not getting a shipping cost- just the warehouse pickup option. Why?
The website does this for a variety of reasons:
1) There is a problem (such as a typo) with your address and UPS/USPS cannot confirm it the way you've written it.
2) You are attempting to ship to a domestic PO Box.
2) You are overseas in a country where USPS cannot confirm your address (usually China, Japan, and Taiwan).
3) The weight of your order has gone above the *normal* levels and it might actually be cheaper to ship via freight, so we'll check that out and get you a quote before we ship.

What does *ON BACKORDER* mean?

If an item says *on backorder* it means that we usually stock it, but we are currently out of stock for online orders. The item will ship out when we've restocked, and we try to provide an estimated shipping date in the product description.

How do I pay you?
Online we accept Paypal or credit cards (Visa, MC, and Discover). This is a secure method of processing credit cards and your information will never be shared.
We also accept money orders, and bank transfers over $5000.
You can also order over email.

Do you ship overseas?
Yes! We ship world wide. Please read our SHIPPING page for more information.

Do you offer hand-picking?
Generally not until we've worked with you a bit, and then prices for hand-picking services are about double the usual price, and there is a $500 order minimum.

Do you only sell online, or do you have a place I can visit?
We are closed for a few weeks as we move into our new space.

PRICING in the warehouse is different than online. Please check out our Warehouse 2020 Price List.
We don't allow children in the warehouse (insurance reasons), and you will need to leave any large backpacks or bags at the front. (We know its your purse, but unfortunately we've had folks try to steal using their purse. Please leave it in your car if you dont like the idea of leaving it up front with us).

I'm buying for myself- can I come to the warehouse?
We are closed for a few weeks as we move into our new space.
But warehouses scare me!
Ok, so come visit our HUGE 5,000 sq ft store; Raxx Vintage, in downtown Philadelphia.
Raxx Vintage is located at 534 South St., Philadelphia, PA 19147.

In the "by the bundle" product description it says Condition: Grade 1 and 2. What does that mean?
Grade 1 means Very Good condition- no holes, no or very small marks, no tears. You can just clean, steam, and put on the rack.
Grade 2 means Good condition- maybe some stains, small seam tear, or missing buttons. These items may need some TLC and/or spot treatment, and they are ready to go.
You should expect to be cleaning the items you receive, or doing small repairs.
We try not to send out anything with MAJOR damage. But this is vintage coming out of a warehouse- dont expect perfection.

The "By Weight" listings includes Grade 3.... Whats that?
Grade 3 means it has damage.
We try to get rid of damaged items during the sorting process, so its not like your order will for certain have damage; its more like a warning, since we are human and we err and things will get past us.
When you purchase "by weight", we literally grab armfuls of the clothing, weigh it, and pack it. Thats why this category is cheaper- the quality control isn't as rigorous.
If you absolutely cannot deal with sewing on a button, or fixing a seam, dry cleaning, or soaking to get a stain out, please DO NOT purchase "by weight"!

Why do the denim bundles include "grade 3"
Denim- especially vintage denim, was worn and used hard. You should expect to see stains, holes, tears, missing hooks, torn belt loops, paint, grease, etc... We will try very hard to make sure that all the zippers work and that there are no crotch holes, but any other kind of wearable, or fixable, "damage" may be found when purchasing any kind of denim product.

Why are some of the prices on this website different than the prices on your price list?

The PDF price list on our WAREHOUSE page only applies to in-person warehouse pricing. When you come to our warehouse and cherry pick, you are picking the very best pieces in the best condition, and so the pricing is slightly higher.
BUT- we offer bulk pricing in the warehouse. So, you can get great discounts either way you buy! The warehouse price list is here: Warehouse 2020 Price List.

If I order online, how do I know I'll like what I get?
We are selling vintage by era/style/material and while you may not personally love every single piece, you will receive true vintage from the style/era that you chose. So even if you don't love the item- someone else will be happy to buy it from you!
Think of it this way- if you came in to pick, you wouldn't buy every single item; you would dig through until you found the perfect items. Since you can't really do that online we price items a bit cheaper to help offset that unknown quality.

Do you have an Etsy or Depop store?
Yes, we have a Depop shop, @bulkvintage

Can I order only a certain size, like only size small dresses?
No, sorry, we do not currently offer size options.

Can I order items in my size? I wear a size 9 dress.

Why is the sky blue?
Um.... let me get back to you on this one.

I'm looking for "the good stuff", like 1940s work wear, gabardine jackets, etc.. Do you have that?
Yes. and No.
You can usually find "special" pieces for sale in the warehouse stock, like 1940s gabardine western shirts, or 1930s dresses, but these types of product vary in price, and often have some damage, so we don't offer them online.

Do you accept returns?
No. All sales are final.
If we really screw something up- like send you the wrong product, then sure, we'll make it right for you. But 99% of the time, there are no returns. So please ask any questions before you order.

Can I cancel my order?
We do understand that business can sometimes take a turn and money can get tight, so if you need to cancel your order within 1 day from when you placed it, we will give you a refund MINUS 3% to cover the fees we had to pay our processor to accept your purchase (those fees are not refunded to us). But if you cancel your order after we've already done the work of pulling your products and boxing for shipment, then we will charge you a 18% restocking fee.

Can I bring stuff to sell to you?
No. We are not currently purchasing from the public.