The Bulk Vintage Warehouse is a 14,000 sq. ft. heaven-on-earth for vintage pickers!

Our address is:
4324 Tackawanna St.
Philadelphia, PA 19124

If you are facing the building, walk to your left (to our ENTRANCE sign) and ring the pink doorbell on the wall for entry.

We bring in 1000s and 1000s of pounds of clothing every week, and then grade it according to material, style, and/or era. Our public shopping room takes up about 4,000 sq ft., and holds over 250 oversized boxes filled with vintage clothing and accessories, all for sale *by the piece*, with bulk discounts available for many items.

Starting in July we are changing our hours and buying policies, so please read the HOURS link below!


We are closed July 1 - July 5.

Starting July 6:

Our Casual Buyers (aka: personal shoppers): Will be allowed public access to the warehouse boxes one full weekend a month (the first Saturday-Sunday-Monday), from 12pm-6pm each day.

The first weekend this will be offered is July 6, 7, and 8. The next weekend will be August 3, 4, and 5.

Our Industry Customers (shop owners, resellers, costume designers, textile designers, etc...): You will have access Mondays through Fridays, from 11am to 6pm. Special arrangements can be made for Saturday appointment.


We work 6 days a week from 10am-6pm, so you are welcome to call us with questions anytime after 10am. However our public room shopping hours are from 12pm-6pm. We open this room every Monday and Saturday from 12-6pm. You do not need an appointment to come in on Mondays or Saturdays- everyone is welcome! There is no minimum purchase.

All other business days (Tuesdays thru Fridays) we offer private appointments to folks in the industry OR we open the public room if no one has reserved the day.
If its Tuesday through Friday, please call ahead, or check our social media, before just showing up. More info about private appointments below.

Shopping the Warehouse

This is an industrial warehouse; not a store. Our main focus is offering large quantities of vintage to Industry Customers, so the clothing is sorted by material, era, or style, into large boxes, and you dig through the boxes that are of interest.

Some products are separated by era, such as the women's blouses- we have different boxes for: 40s-60s blouses; 70s blouses; 80s blouses; and 90s blouses. Other items are graded by various factors, for example men's button-up shirts are separated by design (solid colour, plaid, striped, patterned); and we also have boxes for Hawaiian, Western, 1970s, Flannel, Wool, etc...

Starting July 8, we are greatly expanding the shoppable footprint available to our Industry Customers to include a large selection of items from our Special Collection (Victorian through modern designer), and increasing the quantity of your favorite items (for example having a specific box for just the smaller-sized Levis jeans and cutoffs). We will also offer individually priced higher-end/collectible/sought-after items such as: orange label Levis 1970s bell bottom jeans, *vintage* concert and band tees, 2-piece suits, 1950s prom/cupcake dresses, fringed 1980s jackets, and so forth.

The clothing is not washed, and it can be dusty in here. If you are very dust/allergen sensitive, this environment may get you sneezing. You may find an item you like but it has a stain or some damage; so be prepared to wash or repair. We don't discount just because something is missing a button and we don't haggle. Our price list is available at the top of this page- please take a look before you come in to familiarize yourself with our pricing.

We don't have dressing rooms, but we do have mirrors. We do have heat in the winter, but in any weather extreme you will feel it. So bring water in the summer, and wear layers in the winter.

We do not allow children under 10 (for insurance reasons).

Private Appointments

Starting in July, private appointments will only be offered to repeat customers, OR to large buyers such as TV shows, movie companies, design companies, etc... And there will be a $2000 minimum.

If you are a brand new customer please come in during our regular hours.

Pricing Information

When you are shopping the warehouse, you are cherry-picking, so you are buying *by the piece*. There are bulk discounts for many items when you purchase a quantity (usually at least 10) of the same thing (ex: 10 t-shirts cost less per piece than buying just 2 t-shirts). Our Price List is available as a PDF by clicking here. It reflects how we sort the clothing, and will give you an idea of the prices to expect.
Prices are subject to change without notice.

By the pound purchasing is only available for online orders.

Warehouse Rules

A few rules:

  • No children allowed. 
  • No bicycles allowed inside. 
  • No back packs or large purses. We will ask you to leave them in an unattended box near our desk, or go put them in your car. We are not liable or responsible for your bags.
  • We have a cat. so if you are allergic, please take some sort of medication before coming in. We can provide a mask as well, but we don't have gloves.

  • Cash or credit card is fine. Credit cards have a $20 minimum and we charge a 3% service fee. Please bring a photo ID if you want to pay with card. 
  • If you act like an asshole, we will ask you to leave.
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