The Bulk Vintage warehouse is a 10,000 sq. ft. heaven-on-earth for vintage lovers, just 10 minutes from downtown Philadelphia, stocked with 1000s upon 1000s of items for wholesale buyers. A very conservative estimate would be an inventory of at least 200,000 graded and sorted pieces at all times.
The address is 2438 Coral St., Philadelphia, PA 19125
Phone: 215.425.4166

Our wholesale inventory dates from the 1930s - 1990s. We do not offer thrift or modern clothing.
The warehouse is broken down into mens and womens vintage and further into categories (dresses, shirts, pants, jackets, etc..), and then into subcategories. For example while "dresses" is a certain grade, it is broken down further into: 1950s dresses, 1960s-1970s dresses, 1970s sexy/slinky poly dresses, 1980s cotton dresses, floral cotton dresses, etc...
We have over 250 grades, and 300 large boxes filled to overflowing with graded and sorted vintage.
Our price list mirrors our sorting system: Winter 2014 Price List

The warehouse is open to the public every MONDAY AND SATURDAY, from 12-6.
Private appointments are available Wednesday thru Friday. There is a $300 cash minimum purchase.

During an appointment we can pull our extra inventory for you, so appointments are great for quantity buyers such as: dealers, stylists, costumers, designers, etc.. We do not double-book, so when you have a private appointment, you will be the only buyer there.
If you only want a few items, then an appointment is not a good idea.
IF there is no appointment scheduled, then we might open to the public on a random day, but you must call ahead! Don't just show up and knock (we won't even answer the door).
Call 215-425-4166. Even if you are standing at our front door- CALL!

We constantly add fresh inventory for you to dig through.

Children under 10 are NOT allowed in the warehouse!

2438 Coral St.
Philadelphia, PA 19125
(between Hagert and York- look for the red metal stairs and the t-shirt hanging from our door)

After much deliberation we have decided to implement a "no backpacks/large bags" policy. This is because folks are stealing. And its ridiculous that we have to punish the whole class, but its a lesson you learned in the 2nd grade.
NO LARGE BAGS. This includes purses larger than a shoebox.
You will be asked to leave the bag up front and WE WILL NOT WATCH IT FOR YOU. We are giving you fair warning not to bring the bag at all, but if you do, it is not our responsibility to keep an eye on it for you.
Leave your bag in your car. Don't have a car? Don't bring the bag- simple as that.
Don't like the policy? Sorry, but thems the rules.

We would love for you to come visit our warehouse!
View some recent PHOTOS of the Bulk Vintage Warehouse on flickr! CLICK HERE

But we can also pull your order for you and ship.
When we pull for you there is no minimum order. So you can request 500 dresses or 50, or even 5.
Shipping is done by whatever method you prefer. Our most common methods of shipping are: UPS Ground, or freight for domestic, and international priority mail for international orders. There is a $20 minimum shipping cost.

Call or email for more information:
215.425.4166 ask for Amanda

copyright 2010-2015 Bulk Vintage Clothing, LLC
2438 Coral St., Philadelphia, PA 19125