The Bulk Vintage warehouse is a 14,000 sq. ft. heaven-on-earth for vintage lovers, just 20 minutes from downtown Philadelphia, stocked with 1000s upon 1000s of items for wholesale buyers. A very conservative estimate would be an inventory of at least 200,000 graded and sorted pieces at all times.
Our address is 4324 Tackawanna St., Philadelphia, PA 19124
When you're facing the building, walk to the far left where the green door and metal security gate are, and ring the (pink) doorbell for entry.
Phone: 215.533.2300

Our wholesale inventory dates from the 1930s - 1990s.
The warehouse is broken down into mens and womens vintage and further into categories (dresses, shirts, pants, jackets, etc..), and then into subcategories. For example while "dresses" is a certain category, it is broken down further into: 1940s-1960s dresses, 1960s-1970s dresses, 1970s sexy/slinky poly dresses, 1980s cotton dresses, floral cotton dresses, etc...
We have over 250 grades, and 200 large boxes filled to overflowing with graded and sorted vintage.
Our price list mirrors our sorting system: Warehouse 2016 Price List

The warehouse is open to the public every Monday and Saturday, from 12-6. The only reason we would close on either of these days is for some sort of emergency (usually weather related).
Tuesday through Friday we offer private appointments to members of the trade (see more details below).
IF someone has reserved a day, then we will be closed to everyone else. BUT if no one has booked an appointment, then we will be open to the public.
If you want to visit on a Tuesday through Friday, we strongly suggest you check in with us first (especially if you are traveling a distance) to make sure we'll be open. We post schedule updates on our Facebook and Instagram accounts (bulkvintage), or give us a call.
On public days there is no minimum purchase, and no appointment needed. We accept payment by cash and credit card (plus a 3% service fee).
Children are not allowed (due to insurance restrictions).
There is a restroom you may use but you cannot bring clothes into it and there are no dressing rooms. So if you want to try stuff on, wear something thin (like leggings and t-shirt).

We have a "no backpacks/large bags" policy. This is because folks were stealing. And it is ridiculous that we have to punish the whole class, but its a lesson you learned in the 2nd grade.
NO LARGE BAGS. This includes purses larger than a shoebox.
You will be asked to leave the bag up front and we are not able to watch it for you. We are giving you fair warning not to bring the bag at all, but if you do, it is not our responsibility to keep an eye on it for you.
Leave your bag in your car. Don't have a car? Don't bring the bag.

PRIVATE APPOINTMENTS are available Tuesday thru Friday. There is a $500 minimum purchase for all private appointments. If this is your first appointment with us and we've never worked with you before, we require the $500 to be paid when you arrive. This is of course deducted from your total but there are no refunds. If you're not sure you can find $500 worth of items in here, then please visit on one of our a public days instead.

During an appointment you have full access to the ENTIRE warehouse. You can go thru the boxes in the "public room" as well as in our grading/overstock area. We have a secondary shopping area set aside for private appointments with fresh, non-picked thru stock.
And then there is our Champagne Room!
Our Champagne Room is where we keep the reallllly special pieces. These are items that I buy at auction; from estates; or from a buyout of a collector (like the Artifaktori Collection). This is not the usual stock- these items may be Victorian whites/blacks, Edwardian dresses, beaded dresses, designer names, furs, higher-end 50s dresses, and more. The pricing will be much higher, due to the nature of the item, and what I had to pay to snag it.
You are not obligated to purchase from the Champagne Room, but it is open and available to buyers ONLY during private appointments.

From 95: take the Aramingo Ave. exit. At the end of the ramp turn left. Then make your next left onto Church Street. Go just over a half-mile (crossing Torresdale Ave.) and the street will end at a grassy yard. Make a hard right onto Tackwanna and we are on your left. Look for our sign! There is plenty of street parking, or you can park in the gated lot next to our building.
From downtown Philadelphia: take Aramingo Ave. north past the strips malls. You'll pass a Wawa and go under the 95 overpass. Then turn left onto Church Street and follow above directions.
From the subway: take the subway/El north to the Church Street stop. Walk east down Church so the pink church is on your left side) until the street ends, veer right, then turn left on Tackawanna. We are on your left- look for our sign.

4324 Tackawanna St.
Philadelphia, PA 19124

We would love for you to come visit our warehouse!
But we can also pull your order for you and ship.
When we pull for you there is no minimum order. So you can request 500 dresses or 50, or even 5.
Shipping is done by whatever method you prefer. Our most common methods of shipping are: UPS Ground, or freight for domestic, and international priority mail for international orders. There is a $20 minimum shipping cost.

Call or email for more information:
215.533.2300 ask for Amanda

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4324 Tackawanna St., Philadelphia, PA 19124