The Bulk Vintage Warehouse is a 14,000 sq. ft. heaven-on-earth for vintage pickers!
Our address is:
4324 Tackawanna St., Philadelphia, PA 19124.
If you are facing the building, walk to your left (to our ENTRANCE sign) and ring the pink doorbell on the wall for entry.
Please don't yell thru the door or ring the bell multiple times. We're heading over once the doorbell rings, but its a big building.

We bring in 1000s and 1000s of pounds of vintage every week, and then grade it according to material, style, and/or era.
Our public shopping room has over 100 boxes filled with this vintage, all for sale *by the piece*, with bulk discounts available for many items.

We are open to the public every Monday and Saturday (unless there is a blizzard), from 12pm-6pm.
You do not need an appointment to come in on Mondays or Saturdays- everyone is welcome! There is no minimum purchase either.
You will be buying like a dealer, so that means you should plan on doing some digging. Come dressed for comfort!
The items are not washed, but generally are clean. You may find an item you like but it has a stain or need repair; so be prepared to wash or repair once you get it home! We don't discount just because its missing a button.

We are not a store. We don't have dressing rooms, but we do have plenty of mirrors. Clothing is not sized for you. And we do not allow children under 10 (for insurance reasons).
We do have heat in the winter, and a cozy bathroom, but in any weather extreme you will feel it. So bring water in the summer, and wear layers in the winter.

Tuesday through Friday we offer private appointments to folks in the industry. (Dealers, costumer designers, textile designers, Etsy sellers, etc..). There is a $500 minimum purchase when you are coming in for a private appointment, and if we don't know you, this $500 is paid up front. We don't double-book, and no one else is allowed in. You will have access to ALL the warehouse, including our Secondary Shopping Area, our overstock boxes and bales, and our Special Collection (ranging from Victorian to designer).

IF no one reserves the day (Tuesdays through Fridays), then we will open to the public. We suggest you call or check our social media before you just head over during these days, as we will not let you in if we are booked for an appointment.

Our Price List (look left and up a bit) reflects how we sort the clothing, and will give you an idea of the prices to expect. Although prices are subject to change without notice.

A few rules:
* No children allowed.
* No bicycles allowed inside.
* No back packs or large purses. We will ask you to leave them in an unattended box near our desk, or go put them in your car. We are not liable or responsible for your bags.
* Cash or credit card is fine. Credit cards have a $20 minimum and we charge a 3% service fee. Please bring a photo ID if you want to pay with card.
* If you act like an asshole, we will ask you to leave.

copyright 2010-2016 Bulk Vintage Clothing, LLC
4324 Tackawanna St., Philadelphia, PA 19124