100% cotton modern Flannel Shirts by the pound

100% cotton modern Flannel Shirts by the pound

Product Description

Condition: Grade 1-2-3

100% cotton flannels intended for bleaching and other creative reconstruction and reuse projects, sold by the pound. Some shirts are quite light, some are heavier. All will be plaid and 100% cotton. You will absolutely receive modern shirts! This is not a vintage mix.

Brands may include but are not limited to: Sonoma, Old Navy, Faded Glory, H&M, Good Fellow, Abercrombie, Jachs, George, American Eagle, etc..

Mens and womens may be inlcuded but really we find its like 98% mens' shirts.

Your order may include a mixture of any adult size, colour, or style. Due to the way we process "by the pound" orders, items may have some damage including but not limited to: stains, missing buttons, frays, holes, paint splatter. If this will bother you, do not order this product. We offer a cleaner flannel bundle- see the link below.

Average quantity: 1-2 shirts per pound.
Photos are examples only.