Solid color flannel mens (chamois) Shirt by the bundle

Solid color flannel mens (chamois) Shirt by the bundle

Product Description

Wholesale mix of men's solid colour flannel shirts, sold by the bundle. These shirts are also called chamois shirts (chamois is used to describe the thicker nature of the cotton). These shirts are 100% cotton and may come in a wide range of colours, but the most common are: grey, blue, red, green, and burgundy. These are not necessarily vintage; we grade these for style and material, not age. You can expect to see brands such as Field & Stream, Timberland, St. Johns Bay, Woolrich, Five Bros., etc...

Condition: Grade 1, 2.

Any adult size may be included however there are a lot more size large (and larger) than there are smalls and mediums.

Photos are examples only.