Quilted/Lined Flannel Shirts by the bundle

Quilted/Lined Flannel Shirts by the bundle

Product Description

Wholesale mix of men's lined or quilted flannel/corduroy/acrylic shirts, sold by the bundle. The flannels are usually plaid but not always, and cotton or acrylic on the outside, and lined with a quilted nylon. These are not necessarily vintage- we do include modern classic brands such as Field & Stream, Timberland, St. Johns Bay, Woolrich, Five Bros., etc... However we do not inlcude Old Navy!

All sizes may be included however there are a lot more size large (and larger) than there are smalls and mediums.

Condition: Grade 1, 2, 3. These are work wear and you should expect folks to have worked in them! Meaning there might be some paint splatters, maybe some grease, a dirty collar, etc... Expect to clean!

Photos are examples only.