Wholesale mix of vintage men's jeans by the pound

Wholesale mix of vintage men's jeans by the pound

Product Description

Wholesale men's vintage jeans, sold by the pound. This mix will have a lot of really nice blue tones, but you may also receive: black, grey, acid wash, coloured, and faded denim. These will be men's jeans, and while women can certainly wear them, the sizing generally starts around 33 waist. 
Brands include, but are not limited to: Levis, Wranglers, Lee, Rustler, Dickies, Carhartt, LL Bean, Sears, Guess, Calvin Klein, and more. Any brand may be included, including brands you don't recognize because they are older than you are.
Sizing for these jeans is usually 33 to 40. (Most are 34-38).

Condition: Grade 1, 2, 3. Grade 3 is included to allow for the wear & tear of vintage jeans.

For "by the pound" orders we literally grab armfuls of the clothing until we meet the weight you order. We do not look at each and every piece, so your order may contain ANY variety of men's jeans (including any style, any colour, any era, any size, etc....). If you know you'll get upset if you received something damaged or "not cool", please do not order via this method.

Clothing averages 1 piece per pound. Most jeans weigh a little over 1 lb.

Photos are examples only. Your order may contain any variety of men's vintage jeans; including any size, era, style, and colour. We look everything over for major damage (like broken zippers) but you should expect to find fading and fraying, light staining, discolouration, paint spots, etc...- normal wear & tear for vintage jeans. You will have to wash these and treat for stains. If that is an issue for you- do not purchase.