1980s Dresses by the pound

1980s Dresses by the pound

Product Description

Condition: Grade 1, 2, 3

Wholesale mix of women's vintage 1980s dresses, sold by the pound. Many of these dresses would have been worn on a daily basis, like to school or work. Some are slightly fancier, like maybe for a Friday night date with Bobby, or to a kegger in the Valley. Materials may include: cotton, cotton blends, rayon, wool, polyester, denim, and acid wash denim.

For "by the pound" orders we literally grab armfuls of the clothing until we meet the weight you order. We do not look at each and every piece, so your order may contain ANY variety of vintage 80s day dress (including any style, any colour, any era, any size, etc....). If you know you'll get upset if you received something damaged or "not cute", please do not order via this method.

Clothing averages 1-2 pieces per pound.

You should expect to steam/clean for small stains. May contain damaged items.

Photos are examples only.