Spring Clearance BALE SALE- choose your product

Spring Clearance BALE SALE- choose your product

Product Description


We need to move some product to make room for more product, and you folks are always asking to buy bales, so...

You are purchasing raw, ungraded material, by weight.
We did not bale these- you are purchasing our overstock (bales we bought from our suppliers); these are the same bales we open and grade from. Sometimes its all amazing and sometimes its not, but that is the nature of purchasing bales.

** There is a chance that you will not love everything in the bale, or that to your customers it is "unsellable". If you are going to complain because not every piece was perfect or in the style you wanted, or whatever you might complain about, DO NOT PURCHASE.**

The bales are available for local pickup in original bale form (3 can fit comfortably into an average car). If we are shipping, then the bales will be popped open and the clothing will be shipped in boxes.
Shipping will be expensive- each bale is 100 to 110 lbs of clothing.
100 lbs will fit into 3 boxes size 19"x19"x19". You can go to UPS and get your own shipping quote. (Our zip code is 19124).

If you have a commercial address we can ship freight, but we cannot ship freight to your house.
International customers- you will arrange your own shipping. We can ship to a US domestic depot or you can have your carrier pickup at our warehouse.

Choose ONE category from the list below:
1980s 1990s Blouse: mixed womens blouses, more modern pieces should include Y2k.
Acid Wash: mixed mens and womens mostly 1980s acid wash. May have yellowing.
Blouse: vintage mix of womens blouses
Cartoon: mixed Disney and other cartoon tshirts and sweatshirts. Mostly if not all modern.
Crazy Jackets: Mixed mens and womens patterned rayon/silk jackts, windbreakers, and mid-weight random jackets. Not always vintage.
Faux Fur: mix of womens faux fur coats and jackets.
Flannel: mix of womens and womens vintage and modern flannel shirts.
Jackets: Mix of random jackets from windbreakers to puffy. (Not baled! These bales were opened already so will be boxed or bagged for pickup).
Polo/Tommy/Nautica mix: exactly like it sounds- a mix of these brands.
Plus Size Dress: 1990s to modern plus size dresses.
"Mexican" blanket: woven, colourful blankets and ponchos. Cotton and wool.
Rock Tshirt- 99.9% modern rock/band/music tshirts but you never know.
Skirts: mix of vintage skirts.
Work Wear pants: mostly Dickies brand workwear/painter pants. Modern but very popular.

MIXED VINTAGE- an assortment of anything & everything! Not baled- this will come from our graded materials. 

You can only purchase 1 bale at a time. We do this on purpose to prevent stupid fraud purchases. You can email us to inquire about purchasing multiple bales at once: [email protected]

All bales are sold AS-IS with no guarantees as to quality, material, content, age, or sellability. All sales are final; there are no returns.

Choose your product: