HUGE SALE mixed womens / femme blouses $1/lb

HUGE SALE mixed womens / femme blouses $1/lb

Product Description

We recently opened a huge bale of approximately 1000 lbs of mixed womens blouses and we have too much! So we're offering them to you at the super low price of $1/lb.

This is a MIX of blouses, both modern and vintage. If you want just vintage, then you should look at our *vintage blouse* product linked at the bottom of the page.

We are not grading these as carefully as we normally do but we will try to take out anything that is truly wrecked.
You should absolutely expect to wash and stain treat. We are literally just gathering armfuls of blouses and weighing them. Items may be damaged or have stains.

All styles, eras, and sizes may be included, from XS to Plus.

This discounted offer is best for resellers that understand this is an amazing deal and are happy to re-sell all sorts of styles/sizes of clothing. If you are super picky about what you sell- please do not order this product.

Condition: Grade 1-2-3
Quantity: roughly 2-3 blouses per pound on average

Photos are examples only. All sales are final. There is a 20 lbs max per order so we can offer this deal to as many people as possible.