We sell by the piece OR by the pound.
For categories available by the pound, please click on the link "By The Pound" on the left side of the page.

Except for where you see the quantity listed (such as in our sale lots of 25 and 50), the prices that you see on the website under each listing are the price per piece or per pound.

Online, you have 3 different pricing options.
1) By the Piece
2) Hand-picking
3) By the Pound

You are purchasing a very specific category of clothing, for example JUST 80s cotton dresses or JUST 80s secretary dresses or JUST 80s cotton floral dress. And you are paying by-the-piece. So if you want 10 dresses, then the price is $ times 10.
We've already lowered our pricing on many items to the cheapest possible- meaning that you are paying our "bulk" price regardless of the quantity you order.
A few items offer bulk discounts based on quantity, but other than those, the prices you see online are the lowest prices we can currently offer.
We do a very general inspection for any major damage, and for a general coolness or cuteness factor.

HAND PICKING by the piece
If you don't like the idea of getting "just anything" from the category, and want a more specific order- like only certain styles, colours, only Grade 1, or other special request, then you are asking for us to hand-pick your order.
Hand-picking takes longer to do, and we are essentially cherry-picking the category for you, therefore the pricing is higher.
For 2014 we have changed our hand-picking policies.
1) We will not hand-pick your first order.
2) After your first order within the past 6 months, you can request hand-picking (at an added cost) only when purchasing items "by the piece".
3) You much purchase at least $100 worth of regular inventory (each order) in addition to the cost of the product you want hand-picked.
4) There is a 10 piece minimum for each hand-picked product.
5) We do not pick for size.
For example, if you want to order 80s dresses hand-picked for "short sleeve" and "pastel colours", you will have to order at least $100 worth of any other product(s) in addition to at least 10 pieces of the 80s dresses. The 80s dresses would normally be $6 each, but the hand-picking request raises the price to $10 each. We are enforcing this policy because if you are a serious buyer, we want to work with you to get you exactly what you need, and a $100 minimum is not an outrageous sum to a re-seller. This policy is an attempt to separate the serious buyers from the casual, and to separate regular buyers from one-timers.

We have an Etsy store called BulkVintageClothing with about 100 pieces of men's and women's vintage for sale.
All the items in the Etsy store come from our warehouse. Since we are taking the time to photograph and measure each item, they are priced about double the normal warehouse price.
The pricing still leaves room for your markup and allows you to see exactly what you are receiving.
If you are visiting our warehouse and you want to see something that is listed in our Etsy store, just let us know before you come in.
Please visit our Etsy store here: bulkvintageclothing.

You are purchasing a more general group of clothing at an inexpensive "by weight" price. You can purchase "80s dresses" and you will receive a variety of dresses in all the various 80s materials and styles.
This is the cheapest way to buy and if you are outfitting a vintage store or selling at a flea market, this is a great way to get lots of inventory.
Its a rougher pull- meaning we are not looking at each piece and there is a chance you will receive damaged products (usually just requiring a wash and maybe small repairs). We literally go over to the category you order, grab an arm-load of items, and then weigh them.
So while you may not love every piece you receive, this is an inexpensive way of regularly getting vintage clothing inventory for your shop or etsy store!
If you cannot handle sewing on a button, or using a washing machine, then DO NOT purchase by weight!
By-the-pound products have a minimum purchase of 5 lbs, 10 lbs, or 20 lbs, depending on the item.
The 10 lbs minimum for most products will guarantee a decent variety so there should be enough to play with that the awesome makes up for the not-as-awesome.

Don't like the thought of not seeing the items? Ok- come to Philadelphia and pick you own!
If you come to our Philadelphia warehouse, you are paying the "cherry picking" prices reflected on our Pricelist, but most categories offer bulk pricing discounts for quantities of 10, 25, 50, and 100.

Our warehouse price list is available as a PDF, here: Winter 2014 Price List.

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