Online we sell by the piece OR by the pound.
For categories available by the pound, please click on the link "By The Pound" on the left side of the page.

Online, you have 2 different pricing options.
1) By the Piece
2) By the Pound

This is great when you want a very specific category of clothing, for example JUST 80s cotton dresses or JUST mens shirtsleeve western shirts.
The price you see listed is the price for just 1 item. So if you want 10 dresses, then the price will be $X times 10.
We do look the clothing over for any major damage, and for a general coolness or cuteness factor. But you should always expect to wash the clothing and possibly do small repairs.

You are purchasing a more general group of clothing at an inexpensive "by weight" price. For example, you can purchase "80s dresses" and you will receive a variety of dresses in all the various 80s materials and styles.
This is the cheapest way to purchase and if you are outfitting a vintage store or selling at a flea market, this is a great way to get a large quantity of inventory.
We don't look over each article of clothing like we do with the "by the piece" purchases, and because this is more of a grab-bag approach, there is a chance you will receive damaged products. We literally go over to the category you've ordered, grab an arm-load of items, and then weigh them.
If you cannot handle receiving damaged items, then DO NOT purchase by weight!
By-the-pound products have a minimum purchase of 5 lbs, 10 lbs, or 20 lbs, depending on the item.
The 10 lbs minimum for most products will guarantee a decent variety.

We have an Etsy store called BulkVintageClothing with about 100 pieces of men's and women's vintage for sale.
Since we are taking the time to photograph and measure each item, they are priced about double the normal warehouse price.
The pricing still leaves room for your markup and allows you to see exactly what you are receiving.
If you are visiting our warehouse and you want to see something that is listed in our Etsy store, just let us know before you come in.
Please visit our Etsy store here: bulkvintageclothing.

We do not offer hand-picking to new customers.
If you want hand-picking services, the best thing to do is place a few orders and give us your feedback.
After you've placed a few orders and determined what does/does not work for you; we can then offer hand-picking.
Prices for hand-picking services are about double the usual price, and there is a $500 order minimum.

Don't like the thought of not seeing the items? Ok- come to Philadelphia and pick you own!
If you come to our Philadelphia warehouse, you are paying the "cherry picking" prices reflected on our Pricelist, but most categories offer bulk pricing discounts for quantities of 10, 25, 50, and 100.

Our warehouse price list is available as a PDF, here: Warehouse 2016 Price List.

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