Mens Mixed Vests by the bundle

Mens Mixed Vests by the bundle

Product Description

Condition: Grade 1, 2

Wholesale mix of vintage men's vintage vests, sold by the bundle. These vests (or waist coats for our UK friends) can range in era from the 1960s through the 1990s. Any style may be inlcuded in your bundle, from classic suit vests, to leather or suede, denim, hippie woven, tuxedo, funky 90s patterened, 70s polyester, southwestern, etc... Materials may include: rayon, wool, polyester, cotton, or leather. Sometimes if a vest has no buttons it "could" be considered mens or womens- these unisex styles may be included as well.

Photos are examples only. Your order will contain a variety in all sorts of colours, materials, sizes, and styles. We look at each piece real quick to make sure there is no super major damage but sometimes you may need to replace a button or do some light cleaning.