1970s (mostly polyester) mens Pants by the bundle

1970s (mostly polyester) mens Pants by the bundle

Product Description

Condition: Grade 1 and 2

Wholesale men's 1970's vintage disco pants, sold by the bundle. While these babies are mostly going to be polyester, sometimes a really awesome wool or cotton plaid will sneak in.
These are mostly flares, and sometimes bell bottoms. Styles can range from double-knit polyester, to western "polyester jeans". The colours can be anything, including solid colours like brown, blue, black, grey, green, orange, etc.. Or they can be patterned; usually either plaid or some funky abstract thing.
We don't see many crazy colours anymore, so you should expect more basics than anything else.

Fellas tended to be smaller, and wear their pants higher on their waist, back in the 70s, so you should expect to receive more pieces in the smaller range (like 30-36) than the bigger sizes (38+). Perfect to outfit that 70s disco party going on in your town!

Photos are examples only. Your order may contain any variety of 70s pants; including any material, size, style, and colour. We look everything over for any major damage, but you should expect to clean these!