Pro Sports Sweatshirts (crew & hoodie) by the bundle

Pro Sports Sweatshirts (crew & hoodie) by the bundle

Product Description

This is a mix of pro sports sweatshirts (crewnecks and hoodies), sold by the bundle. These sweatshirts are not necessarily vintage- we grade them for content, not age, so modern will absolutely be included!

They will all have some sort of pro sports-related design, such a team name, or an event theme, such as the Super Bowl or World Series. We include any pro sports teams, including but not limited to: NFL, NBA, ABA, NASCAR, NHL, NBL, and others. These are almost always longsleeve and either cotton, cotton blend, or acrylic. Styles can be crewneck or hoodies. Gernerally these are considered mens' but we think of them as unisex.

Condition: Grade 1 & 2

Photos are examples only.