Levis brand womens/femme cutoffs & denim shorts by the bundle

Levis brand womens/femme cutoffs & denim shorts by the bundle

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Product Description

Most of these shorts are in the 32-36 waist size range. Please do not order if you will be upset if you do not receive anything below a 32.

Wholesale Levis brand cutoffs and denim shorts, sold by the bundle. Because these are mid-thigh or higher, we assume these shorts are intended to be worn by women or femme presenting individuals however these were not necessarily made from "womens" jeans. Many were once "mens" jeans that were cut into cutoffs. Waist size can be anywhere from 24 to 36 but see our note above.

These are not necessarily vintage, however they will be 100% cotton, Levis 500 series (501, 505, 550, 512, etc..) and high-waisted.

Colours range from any kind of blue tone, to black, grey, white, and acid wash. Sometimes they have been decorated or altered, such as someone purposely fraying an area on the front of the leg, or accenting the back pocket with studs.

Condition: Grade 1, 2, 3

Grade 3 is noted only because many of the cutoffs have holes or frayed areas, paint splatters, spots and marks.  This wear and tear really adds to the distressed look of the shorts, which many customers prefer.

Photos are examples only. Women and femme presenting people come in all shapes and sizes, so these shorts may be any size between 24 and 36 waist. If you only want the small sizes, please do not purchase this bundle. If you only want 36 and larger, please contact us.

We do offer a "paper tag Levis" category as well for a higher price; see linked product below.

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