Guayabera (Cuban Wedding) Shirt by the bundle-ON BACKORDER

Guayabera (Cuban Wedding) Shirt by the bundle-ON BACKORDER

Product Description

ON BACKORDER- New orders will be shipped in DECEMBER.
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Condition: Grade 1 and 2

A summertime classic! This listing is for wholesale mens Guayabera shirts, also known as Cuban Wedding Shirts, sold by the bundle. These shirts are a boxy fit, and almost always accented with pleats and random decorative buttons down the front, and down the back. Some shirts have 2 or 4 front patch pockets. And often (but not always) they have matching, or contrasting colour embroidery on the front. These are *not* necessarily vintage. Finding real vintage ones is almost impossible, so expect modern in the mix!

The most common colours are pale pastels: white, tan, light blue, light yellow, and cream. The harder-to-find colours are: red, black, dark blue, bright yellow, bright pink, etc...

These shirts can be long or short sleeve, but shortsleeve is more common. Also the material can be poly/cotton, cotton, or polyester; but poly/cotton is the most common. Sizing tends to be larger- we have a lot more size large and XL (or 2XL) than we do smalls and mediums. 

Some shirts button close, others have zippers.

Photos are examples only. Your order will contain a similar variety in all sorts of colours, sizes, patterns, styles, and materials. We look at each piece real quick to make sure there is no major damage BUT you should expect to treat for small stains and wash! Particularly the lighter colour/white shirts- they almost always have staining along the inner collar and spotting in front.