Classic style denim Overalls by the bundle-BIG SIZES

Classic style denim Overalls by the bundle-BIG SIZES

Product Description

We have overalls but they are mens BIG sizes (36+). If this will be an issue, please do not order.

Condition Grade 1 & 2 & 3. Because some of these are traditional workwear, they may have more damage than usual- such as fraying, holes, paint splatter, small stains. Sometimes the "hook" part of the strap is missing or broken- the replacement parts are easy to find and sew back on.

Wholesale listing of men's and women's denim overalls, sold by the bundle. These are a mix of "men's" workwear brands (such as Liberty or Dickies), and "women's" fashion brands like Cherokee or The Gap. These overalls are not necessarily vintage- especially with the classic brands like Liberty, its super hard to tell the modern from the older.

Overalls were super trendy in the 90s and early 2000s, so many of the fashion labels may be from that time. (But we would not send Old Navy!)
The men's tend to run to large sizes- as in, LARGER sizes (38, 40, 42). The women's are a mix of sizes.

All styles and colours of denim as possible in your order, from faded-out light blue, to indigo, to black or hickory stripe.
Most have adjustable shoulder straps with buckles/hooks and buttons. The hooks may be missing! These are very easy to replace.

Photos are example only. You should expect to clean these overalls but see note above regarding expected wear & tear, distressing, on these being actual work wear.