Ugly (cute) Christmas Xmas Sweater by the bundle

Ugly (cute) Christmas Xmas Sweater by the bundle

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Product Description

Condition: Grade 1 and 2

This is a mix of Ugly Christmas sweaters (jumpers to our UK friends), cardigans, and vests, sold by the bundle. We try to keep this mix as vintage (meaning 1990s) as possible, but modern will be included. You should expect to receive a wide variety of Xmas-y knits, in all sorts of colours and with all sorts of decorations and designs. Common themes include: snowmen, Santa, elves, ornaments, dogs with Santa hats, kittens with balls of yarn, snowy trees and nature scenes, poinsettia, snowflakes, Xmas trees, gingerbread men, stocking with gifts, and so forth.

These are often decorated with glitter, rhinestones, beads, lurex (glittery) threads, jewels, and more. These were almost always womens' because back in the day, fellas did not wear rhinestones and beads on their holiday sweaters. But today, guys want the crazier and uglier, and that means they will wear "womens" sweaters!

We pull out the more boring sweaters (like with just a few snowflakes) and list them separately. See the link below.

Photos are examples only. Your order will contain a similar variety in all sorts of colours, sizes, and styles. We look at each piece real quick to make sure there is no major damage BUT a quarter-sized stain or smaller is considered ok for this category. Same with missing buttons, loose threads, or some colour bleed. These are used; you should expect to clean,steam, & possibly repair.

Discount for quantity. Contact me for larger quantity purchases.

For order of 200 pieces or more, when you checkout you will only be offered the "local pickup" shipping option. BUT you do not have to pick these up- its just an option.
It may be cheaper to ship freight, so we will contact you with your shipping quotes before we process your order and your shipping will be charged separately. If you have any questions about this, please contact us BEFORE you place your order.

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