mens Levis Jeans sold by the bundle Sizes 33-36

mens Levis Jeans sold by the bundle Sizes 33-36

Product Description

Condition: Grade 1, 2, 3

The reason grade 3 is included is because a lot of the cool-looking jeans have really amazing wear & tear, distressing, and holes (like ripped knees, fraying, paint splatter, fading, discolour). Personally I love that look, but if you only wanted super clean grade 1 only- this is NOT the mix for you!

Wholesale men's Levis brand jeans, sold by the bundle in SIZES 33 - 36! This mix of classic jeans has a lot of really nice classic faded blues, but you may also receive: black, grey, acid wash, and dark blue denim. These are entirely some sort of "500 series", including but not limited to: 501, 505, 550, 517.
This is *not* a vintage mix, and most will be from the early 2000s through modern BUT all these jeans are 100% cotton and are the clasic style. (No Denizen).

Photos are examples only and may not reflect the exact sizes offered in this listing. Your order may contain any variety of Levis jeans; including any size between 33 and 36, style, and colour. We look everything over for any major damage BUT see our disclaimer above regarding wear & tear on these babies! MOST of the jeans are sizes 34 and 36.