Vintage blank (no print) crewneck sweatshirt by the Bundle

Vintage blank (no print) crewneck sweatshirt by the Bundle

Product Description

Condition: 1,2,3. Grade 3 is included because the older sweatshirts can have stains, fading, be worn thin, have piling, etc..

Wholesale offering of vintage blank (no print) pullover crewneck sweatshirts, by the bundle.
These are handpicked for age, ranging from the 1980s to early 2000s. We will TRY to send at least some raglan and/or USA-made, but there is no guarantee that every piece will have those properties. 

These crewnecks may be mens or womens; any style, any colour, and any size are possible. We'll try to send a mix of colours but there is often a lot of darker colours, and greys, so there may be multiples of the same colour.
Please note than the older a piece, the more likey it will have damage. So do not order this mix if finding stains, or paint, or yellowing, or whatever, will be a problem for you.

Photos are examples only.