Vintage 1980s womens BELTS deadstock (never worn) All Styles- By the Bundle

Vintage 1980s womens BELTS deadstock (never worn) All Styles- By the Bundle

Product Description

Condition: Deadstock / Never Worn / NOS

This is an offering of vintage 1980s women's belts, in all sorts of styles, sold by the bundle.
These all came from an old store that shut down in the 1990s, and we are working our way through the collection.

The belts range in style and colours- from electric to candy tones to jewel tones. Some are leather, some are vinyl, some are stretchy cinch belts- others are faux tooled or decorated. You could receive *ANY* stye, and any size. But because these are from the 1980s; assume you will receive more smaller sizes than anything else. (Perfect for all those small-waist jeans ya'll love!)

These belts were rolled or folded up for 30-40 years, so they may have creases or they may not want to lay flat. We've had luck with hanging them up and letting gravity straighten them out over time. They can be worn just fine, its just you can't flay-lay them for display.

You may receive multiples of style or colour, or they might be all different. The photos are examples only and you should not expect to receive the items in the photos!

If you are costuming a production and need multiples of a certain colour/style, just give us a shout. We offer deadstock jewelry items (earrings, rings, hair accessories) as well.

Discount for quantities of 24, 50, and 100.