Vintage & 1990s t-shirts (sale grade) by the bundle-ON BACKORDER

Vintage & 1990s t-shirts (sale grade) by the bundle-ON BACKORDER

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Product Description

These tshirts are on backorder. You can order now to reserve a quantity but they will not ship right away. Expected ship date is late December.

Condition: Grade 1, 2, 3

The true *vintage* tshirts in this mix will likely be grade 3. An example- a tshirt from the 1980s that has lots of staining or paint splatter. Its being sold at this discounted price for a reason.

Wholesale vintage printed tshirts, sold by the bundle. This mix may contain true vintage tees that have damage, or tees from the mid to later 1990s that are still kinda cool but not really *vintage-vintage*. The print designs vary, some examples may be: local sports teams, businesses, reunions, school-related, political, cartoon, graphics, travel, booze, animals, colleges, etc.. The "Screen Stars Best" tag shows up a lot in this mix, and as you know, those are heavier weight tshirts from the 90s. Tees may be 100% cotton, or cotton/poly blend.

Photos are examples only. These tees are great for filler or a sale rack at your store, but they are only $2 each for a reason. Please keep your expectations relative to price.

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