1990s Dresses (grunge, floral, "All That Jazz") by the bundle

1990s Dresses (grunge, floral, "All That Jazz") by the bundle

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Condition: Grade 1, 2

Wholesale mix of women's 1990's vintage dresses, sold by the bundle. The kids love these dresses (even though I wore them in high school). Styles range from strappy sundresses, to maxi rayon florals. Babydoll dresses occasionally pop up, but they are not as common as the longer styles. Some have ties in the back to give the dress some shape, and very rarely we actually find one with the original elastic scrunchy snappy thing. Materials include rayon, polyester, and cotton blend.

Photos are examples only. Your order will contain a similar variety in all sorts of colours, sizes, and styles. We look everything order for any major damage and for a general level of cuteness.

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