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mens Wrangler Jeans by the bundle

mens Wrangler Jeans by the bundle

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Product Description

Condition: Grade 1, 2, 3. Grade 3 is included to allow for the wear & tear of vintage jeans.

Wholesale men's vintage Wrangler brand jeans, sold by the bundle. This mix of classic jeans has a lot of really nice dark blues, but you may also receive: black, grey, acid wash, and faded denim. These will be men's jeans, and while women can certainly wear them, the sizing generally starts around 33 waist.
You will not receive "small" sizes in this mix! Sizing for these jeans is usually 33 to 40. (Most are 34-38).

Photos are examples only. Your order may contain any variety of Wrangler jeans; including any size, era, style, and colour. We look everything over for any major damage but you should expect some nice fading and fraying, possibly some light staining, discolouration, paint spots, etc...- normal wear & tear for vintage jeans.

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