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Mixed Vintage Clothing (mens & womens) by the pound

Mixed Vintage Clothing (mens & womens) by the pound

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Product Description

Condition: Grade 1, 2, and 3

This is a wholesale offering of mixed mens and womens vintage clothing, sold by the pound. Included are all styles, sizes, eras, designs, fabrics.. think of it like a grab bag of vintage clothing.
This mix may include ANY of the clothing items we sell. Some of our categories contain more modern pieces because they are graded for content or brand, not age- such as the Harley Davidson or tie dye tee shirts. You wont receive a lot, but you might receive a few more modern-y items.

Examples include (but are not limited to):

** WOMENS: all dresses from the 1940s through the 1990s- both day and party styles; skirts, blouses, sweaters, hippie tops, sweatshirts, cotton blazers, jackets, silky bombers, shorts, cutoffs, acidwash denim, denim jackets, and jeans.

** MENS: any style of shirts, from western to hippie to disco to denim to golf to Polo to flannel, etc..., tshirts, jeans, Levis, sweaters, vests, sweatshirts, sports jerseys, military, shorts, windbreakers, denim jackets, 70s pants, blazers, and camo.

For "by the pound" orders we literally grab armfuls of the clothing until we meet the weight you order. We do not look at each and every piece, so your order may contain ANY variety of vintage clothes (including any style, any colour, any era, any size, etc....). If you know you'll get upset if you received something damaged or "notcool/ cute", please do not order via this method. * People come in all sizes and our clothing also comes in all sizes; please do not complain if you receive some larger-sized clothing.

Clothing averages 0-3 pieces per pound. Some items weigh more than 1 lb.

You should expect to steam/clean for small stains. May contain damaged items.

Photos are examples only.

Discounts for quantities of 100, and 200 pounds.

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