About Us

Bulk Vintage Clothing, Inc. was started in 2009 by the owner, Amanda Saslow, and our primary business goal is to provide vintage clothing ("used" clothing, at least 20 years old) in large quantity, and good quality, to our Industry Customers.

We sell clothing on this website by weight, or by bundle. In our Philadelphia warehouse, the clothing is sold by-the-piece, with quantity discounts available for many items.

Bulk Vintage is not a rag-house; we don't do large scale textile export. While we do sell "used" clothing- we do not sell thrift. Our staff are all vintage-clothing enthusiasts and in some way, scholars. We separate the clothing by material, era, or style. For example, if you are costuming a TV show set in 1973, we can help you separate the early 70s blouses from the later 70s (if you want us to).

We welcome large scale productions to come shop our warehouse, as well as smaller start-up vintage re-sellers who just need a bunch of jeans.

Please follow our Instagram: @bulkvintage.

We have just moved into our new building and are once again open to Industry Buyers BY APPOINTMENT ONLY, Monday-Saturday, 10am to 6pm. There is a $300 minimum. Please email or call to schedule a buying appointment.


This mass collection of vintage clothing started because of a western shirt- or actually, the lack of a western shirt.
Amanda (the owner) was trying to find an embroidered western shirt for her dad and after driving from thrift store to thrift store- and not really finding the shirt, but finding tons of other great items, she thought maybe she could do something with all this clothing. And what started out as a small rack of vintage in her apartment, grew to an Ebay store, then to a website, then overflowed the 3rd floor in her house, then to a tiny warehouse space, then to a brick n'mortar store, then to a large warehouse, then to an ever larger warehouse, then to small stores, and now, over 20 years later, to the current 14,000 square foot warehouse, AND a 5,000 sq ft retail store, Raxx Vintage (534 South Street, Philadelphia).

Our Staff

Amanda- Boss Lady. You'll chat with Amanda over the phone or via email when you are placing your order, and even though she is the owner, the CEO, the CFO, the HR department, etc..., she still gets her hands dusty every day, grading and sorting mounds of clothing. And if there is a lack of cat t-shirts available, that is her weakness.

Jenna- Warehouse Inventory Lead

Kyle- Warehouse Assistant

Vanessa- Our retail store, Raxx Vintage, General Manager

Cely- Our retail store, Raxx Vintage, Assistant Manager

K'triqa-Custom Designer and Merchandising Lead

Ollie- Shop Assistant

KC- Warehouse Muscle and Shop Assistant

Denise- Warehouse Newbie and Shop Assistant

Julie- Seamstress & Jewelry untangler


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