mixed Lightweight Jacket modern/vintage just $1.50/lb

mixed Lightweight Jacket modern/vintage just $1.50/lb

Product Description

Mix of modern and vintage lightweight jackets for sale at $1.50/lb.

These are not being graded as we normally would. We have about 600 lbs of this category we need to clear out so we are just gathering armfuls, weighing it, and shipping it off.

Your order may contain: windbreakers, track jackets, branded jackets, coach jackets, satin jackets, 90s color block, zipper front, military, and so forth.
We expect there to be mostly mens' and some womens' adult size lighter weight jackets.

We are not grading anything, we're just packing into boxes.

Condition may range from perfect awesome to damaged. Grade 1-2-3.
Items may range from freekin' amazing to crap. But thats why its so cheap. You are taking a chance.

It may be cheaper to ship larger orders via freight but you must provide a commercial address. We cannot ship freight to your house.

All sales are final; no returns.

I understand the terms of this purchase are final sale only and that this is a "mystery mix" of jackets: