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Customized THRIFT mix by the pound

Customized THRIFT mix by the pound

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Product Description

Condition 1,2,3. Damaged clothing may be included but we will try very hard not to send you anything trashed beyond repair!

Clean modern thrift starting at just $3/lb for a more customized mixture. The clothing is basically what you would find in an average Northeast thrift shop; both mens and womens (we try to take the kids' clothing out) and any style, size, or era of clothing is possible.
We say "clean" because we are going through it to make sure there is nothing super trashed or nasty dirty (ie: no underwear), but you should absolutely expect to deal with stains, small repairs, and needing to wash everything.

This is a slightly more customized mix than our less expensive thrift listing.
Some customization options will cost you a bit more because we are doing a bit of handpicking for you.
For the cheaper version (especially if you dont care what you receive) check the links at the bottom of the page.

Vintage may be in there (mostly 90s and Y2K) but this is not a vintage mix. (We do sell just vintage mixes, but at a higher price.)

Larger quantities are available however we do not currently sell bales and we do not ship containers. Clothing will be boxed for shipping. We do not offer International freight.

There are no example photos because you all should know what modern thrift looks like.

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