SALE DEAL 100 lb Lightweight Jacket BALE SALE

SALE DEAL 100 lb Lightweight Jacket BALE SALE


Product Description

We never do this, but we are offering unopened "raw" mixed bales, for $300 each.
These are roughly 100 lbs (usually they are a tad more), and we have no idea exactly whats in them.

These bales are specifically labeled as "lightweight vintage" and what we've found in a sample was the following: windbreakers, track jackets, sports branded jackets, denim jackets, 90s color block, zipper front, and so forth.
We expect there to be mostly mens' and some womens' adult size lighter weight jackets.

You can choose to pickup the actual bale in Philadelphia OR we will break it open and ship to you. We are not grading anything, we're just literally popping it open and packing into boxes. (While some companies ship the bale itself, I just dont trust UPS not to bust the straps open by throwing it around.)

Condition may range from perfect awesome to damaged.
Items may range from freekin amazing to WTF.

We literally have no clue exactly what is in these things, but now you get a chance to buy like a wholesaler.
All sales are final; no returns.

If picking up, these bales will fit into the trunk or even backseat of your car. If you want to break it open on site, we will provide the snips but you need to bring your own bags. 100 lbs will be roughly 3 contractor bags.

Supplies are limited. If you no longer see the option to purchase, that means we have sold out.

I understand the terms of this purchase are final sale only and that this is a "mystery bale" of jackets: