Textile Grade Dresses by the Pound (grade 3 only)

Textile Grade Dresses by the Pound (grade 3 only)

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Product Description

Condition: Grade 3

This is a bulk offering of DAMAGED vintage dresses intended for textile use only; not for wearing. We are imagining you cutting off small sections to use for textile and design purposes. The dresses may be of any era and they are going to be severely damaged, including such problems as: staining, rips, holes, colour-run, mold, dryrot, yellowing, and anything else you can think of that would cause a dress to be considered "un-wearable".

Only buy this product if you understand that these dresses are very damaged. They might be musty, smelly, dusty, moldy, etc...

Clothing averages 1-3 items per pound.

Do not expect any of these items to be wearable without serious intervention. We are selling them intended for use as textile swatches only.

Photos are examples only.

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