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Mens 1970s Blazers by the bundle

Mens 1970s Blazers by the bundle

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Condition: Grade 1, 2

Wholesale mix of vintage 1970s men's blazers and sportcoats, sold by the bundle. These come in a variety of styles, from crazy colour polyester, to patterned, to plaid wool, to leisure jacket, to funky denim, to used car salesman awesome. They will all have the classic wide lapels. Most sport jackets have a 2-button closure, while leisure jackets have a 4 or 5-button front. We will try to send you a nice mix of colours and styles. YOU WILL RECEIVE SOME WOOL!

Photos are examples only. Your order will contain a similar variety in all sorts of colours, sizes, and styles. We look everything order for any major damage but you should expect normal wear such as discoloration at the collar and/ or cuffs.. Often these will need to be steamed/cleaned.

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