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Hippie / Ethnic Shirt (womens) by the bundle

Hippie / Ethnic Shirt (womens) by the bundle

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Condition: Grade 1, 2 3

Grade 3 is included because often the older shirts have some sort of staining or colour run. We wouldn't send if we didn't think the shirt was worth it, but if damage like that is a problem please do not order.

Wholesale mix of (mostly) vintage women's hippie/ethnic/boho/soft and billowy blouses and tops (including vests), sold by the bundle. We try to keep this mix mostly vintage, but the modern embroidered shirts can look just like the vintage ones, and the ethnic print tops are often really hard to date.


The tops can range from an emboidered cotton peasant blouse, to a psychedelic 70s polyester shirt, to 90s rayon abstract with a boho vibe, to Chinoiserie with embroidered flowers, or a Guatamalean funky pattern vest, etc...

Photos are examples only. Your order will contain a similar variety in all sorts of colours, sizes, and styles. We look at each piece real quick to make sure there is no super major damage and for a general cuteness/hippie/boho vibe factor. 

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