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Vintage USA MADE Levis cutoffs/denim shorts by the bundle-UNAVAILABLE

Vintage USA MADE Levis cutoffs/denim shorts by the bundle-UNAVAILABLE

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Condition: Grade 1, 2, 3

Grade 3 is noted because of the age; many of the cutoffs have holes or frayed areas, paint splatters, spots and marks.  This wear and tear really adds to the distressed look of the shorts, which in my book is a good thing.

Wholesale vintage USA-made Levis brand cutoffs and denim shorts, sold by the bundle. These shorts are intended to be worn by women, but they may have started out life as men's jeans that have long-since been cut down. The leg length may range from booty-high, to about mid-thigh. Waist size can be anywhere from 24 to 34 and currently MOST are in the size 32-34 range!!

These shorts will be 100% cotton and high-waisted. Colours range from any kind of blue tone, to black, grey, white, and acid wash. Sometimes they have been decorated or altered, such as someone purposely fraying an area on the leg, or accenting the back pocket with studs.

Photos are examples only. Womens come in all shapes and sizes, so these shorts may be any size between a 24 and 36 waist. Because these are older you should expect more wear & tear and distressing. There may be yellowed areas; paint spots; stains; extreme fading, etc.. We will make sure the zippers work and buttons are intact, but you should expect to stain-treat and wash. If you are going to complain that these 30+ year old cutoffs are "damaged", please *do not* order.

SOMETIMES WOMEN PEED A BIT IN THEIR SHORTS. I don't know why- but women back in the 80s and 90s sometimes leaked.
We do check the crotches for anything really bad, but this is a dimly lit warehouse and honestly, stain-treating is a part of selling vintage. We have found that if you treat with something like OxyClean (soak it, scrub with an old toothbrush & let it sit overnight, repeat as needed) then often these stains come out. But no promises. If this will be a problem for you, please do not order!

We do offer a less expensive, not-necessarily-vintage, Levis cutoffs mix. Please see linked product below.

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