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Ugly Christmas Sweaters, Vest, Cardigan GRADE 3 (damaged)- by the bundle

Ugly Christmas Sweaters, Vest, Cardigan GRADE 3 (damaged)- by the bundle

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Product Description

Condition: Grade 3. This WILL either have damage, or be super modern, or be kinda boring.

Wholesale category of GRADE 3 tacky ugly Christmas and Holiday sweaters (jumpers for our UK folks), sweater vests, and cardigans, as well as more modern Christmas-y sweaters, sold by the bundle.

So, to be clear- this category contains damaged Christmas sweaters, home-made ugly Xmas sweaters, AND super modern,or kind of boring, Christmas-y sweaters that we didn't think were correct for our usual mix.

These sweaters will need some work- they might have bad stains, or missing a bunch of beads or buttons. They might have holes that are fixable, but might still be noticeable even after being fixed. However, this is a great grade for someone who doesn't mind putting in the work for a super cheap price, or who just needs ugly sweater stock and loves a cheap price, or who does reconstruction and just wants funky patterned sweaters for ripping part.

There is a reason these are priced so low, so please understand the product you are purchasing!

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