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Wholesale vintage/modern sweatshirts- AS IS- ON BACKORDER

Wholesale vintage/modern sweatshirts- AS IS- ON BACKORDER

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Product Description

May 10: This mix is on backorder until further notice. Because it may be weeks before we receive fresh freight, I do *not* suggest ordering this product right now.

If you do go ahead and order, it will be at least a few weeks.

Orders with regular stock and backorder stock products will be delayed and shipped all together. If you want the regular stock items shipped now, please place 2 separate orders.

If you order now and decide to cancel, please note that any refund will be subject to a 3% processing fee. Thank you for understanding.

Grade: 2 & 3

This is an offering of AS-IS sweatshirts, crewnecks, and hoodies, sold by the bundle.
What do I mean as-is?

These sweatshirts may be vintage WITH DAMAGE, or modern (and generally with no/minor damage), or branded with damage.
* Vintage but with yellow staining that might come out with some TLC, but might not. Hey- bleach/overdye them!
* Modern from high school, businesses, local sports teams, events.
* College print but with damage.
* Champion, Nike, Adidas, or Disney branded but with staining or tears- great for bleaching or dying!

There is some reason these sweatshirts are not good enough for our regular stock! But its still a good deal.
Age may range from the 1980s to current. Material can be: cotton; cotton blend; acrylic; polyester; acrylic blend.

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