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Womens 1970s Blouses- 10 lbs for $5.00/lb.

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Wholesale mix of vintage 1970s womens blouses, sold by weight, at $5.00 per pound and there is a 10 lbs minimum. Change the quantity from 1 to however many multiple of 10 pounds you want to purchase. (Example: 2=20 lbs).
This mix may include any of all of these styles: button-up blouse, polyester blouse, pullover, sleeveless top, disco shirt, frilly blouse, lacey blouse, polyester over-shirt (thin blazer style), cotton blouse, and hippie top. All sizes and styles may be included. 3-5 blouses per pound, on average.

Condition: Grade 1, 2, and 3.
Due to the way "by the pound" items are processed, we do not have as much quality control. This means that items may have serious damage. We always send a few extra pieces to try to make up for anything with damage- BUT- if you absolutely cannot have any item with serious damage, please do not order using this method. Instead, purchase "by the piece".
Please contact us with any questions!
Product will be boxed.

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