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Carhartt Jackets By the Pound-UNAVAILABLE

Carhartt Jackets By the Pound-UNAVAILABLE

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Product Description

Grade 1-2-3

These jackets will have some sort of wear & tear type damage! They will be wearable but many of these Carhartt jackets should be considered grade 2/3 based on: wear & tear; distressing; paint; stains; grease; surface level rips or fraying on the cuffs.

We will TRY make sure all closures are functional- but these are used work wear and they show it, so there may be damaged zipper pulls or missing buttons.

Colours are mainly black, blue, tan, grey, and brown. Sometimes a "good" colour sneaks in (purple, green, blue) but honestly its mostly tan and black. Material usually feels like a thick cotton/canvas, but they also make all-weather jackets, so sometimes they have a water-proof coating. These are 99% mens' jackets, but a woman's jacket is always a possibility.

Very few are size small so it is possible that your order will only contain size L and bigger.

Photos are examples only.

Jackets usually weigh a minimum of 3-4 lbs each.

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