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Vintage USA MADE Levis jeans, size 32 and smaller, by the bundle-ON BACKORDER

Vintage USA MADE Levis jeans, size 32 and smaller, by the bundle-ON BACKORDER

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July 1 : I already have a lot of orders pending so I don't think I will be able to ship any NEW orders until late AUGUST.

If you already placed an order- you are "in line" to receive whatever fresh inventory comes through, as soon as I receive it.

You can order place an order now, but I'm being very honest about the expected delay so please do not complain about the delay. It sucks for me too.

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Condition: Grade 1, 2, 3

The reason grade 3 is included is because these are at least 25 years old and have AGE and WEAR and you should expect distressing, damage (like ripped knees, fraying, paint splatter, fading, discolour), possibly a torn-off belt loop. Personally I love that look, but if you only wanted super clean grade 1 only- this is NOT the mix for you!

Wholesale men's and womens' vintage USA-MADE Levis brand jeans, sold by the bundle. This mix of classic jeans has a lot of really nice classic faded blues, but you may also receive: black, grey, acid wash, and dark blue denim. These are entirely some sort of "500 series", including but not limited to: 501, 505, 550, 517, 512, 555. All these jeans are 100% cotton,
The sizing is 32 and smaller; meaning any waistsize from 24 to 32.

These are priced "high" comparatively and we know it. But folks with a customer-base for these jeans can easily get over $100/pair. So if the cost is too much for you, fair enough- we do offer other options for Levis, so please take a look through our website.

Photos are examples only. Your order may contain any variety of Levis jeans; including any size (32 and smaller), style, and colour. We look everything over for any major damage BUT see our disclaimer above regarding wear & tear on these babies!

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