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Men's Vintage 1960s 1970s Shoes (deadstock) by the bundle. WAREHOUSE ONLY

Men's Vintage 1960s 1970s Shoes (deadstock) by the bundle. WAREHOUSE ONLY

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Condition: Grade 1, 2, 3

These shoes are New Old Stock and many come in their original boxes, but just because they are unworn; the condition may not be perfect. These shoes MAY have water spots, loose seams, loose glue (especially the glue holding the soles on); discolouration; mold from storage, missing shoe laces, or other minor damages as should be expected from items that are 40+ years old. If these need to be worn for extended periods of time, you should expect to re-glue the soles.

This is a collection of vintage men's shoes, in deadstock condition, many with their original boxes, sold by the bundle. This listing is for a mixture of shoes and you might receive ANY adult size. I'm just going to repeat myself here: You cannot pick your size with this listing; you will receive a grab bag of any sized men's shoes.

We will try to be fair in the mix; for instance we won't send you all size 7, BUT we have a lot more size 7-9 than we do 10-12, so you will receive more smaller sizes than larger.

These shoes range in style from classic "banker" shoes with leather soles, to faux leather "alligator skin" with platform heels, to suede Earth Shoes, to funky 70s but not quite pimp, and so forth. This collection is really perfect for a costumer or designer looking to outfit a whole lotta extras who need era-appropriate 70s shoes, but they dont all need to be flashy or super-phunk; and its ok if they're not all in perfect condition. You should expect to clean and repair!

Photos are examples only. Your order will contain a variety of men's shoes in any size; any style; any colour; any material, etc....

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