The Good Stuff vintage mix by weight

The Good Stuff vintage mix by weight

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Product Description

Condition: Grade 1

This mix of vintage is a much higher grade than our usual "by the pound" offerings. This is great as a store or starter mix, when you need some really good trendy items right away. For this mix, we actually hand-pick every item. We consider not only the cuteness and condition of the clothing, but also whats currently hot and trending.
Your order may contain any variety of clothing, but we try to keep it seasonal (we won't send wool sweaters down south) and relevant. Even though this is a well-thought out mix, you still may receive items that are not *your* style. However each piece we send you should appeal to the general vintage-buying masses.
We tend to consider younger buyers, so you should expect to receive such items as super thin & soft vintage t-shirts, cutesy mini skirts, colourful/neon 80s sweaters and/or blouses, Levis boyfriend jeans, brand names such as Polo/Guess/Tommy Hilfiger, denim cutoffs, flannel shirts, soft sexy dresses, and so on.

We look every item over, but you should still expect to find normal wear & distressing.

Photos are examples only.

Bulk discount is offered for 100 lbs.

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