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Clearance sale! 20 lbs of clothing for $10

Clearance sale! 20 lbs of clothing for $10

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Condition: Grade 2, and 3

This is a super cheap as-is sale offering of 20 lbs of clothing for just $10.00!

ONLY MIXED is currently available. (Please do not ask for only womens, or only mens.)

Please keep in mind that these items are coming from our outtakes or seconds boxes of clothing- THE CLOTHING WILL INCLUDE DAMAGED. Clothing may be stained or ripped. It may be in good condition but modern (not vintage), or otherwise not "good enough" for our usual offerings.
We're not saying that everything will be damaged, but we're giving you fair warning that these items will likely need a lot more TLC than usual.

Please do not order if you know you are too picky to enjoy this kind of super cheap grab-bag style of purchasing, or unwilling to soak some stains out, or fix a few holes.

Your clothing may be a mix of any era, any size, any material, etc... Examples include such items as: dresses, tshirts, sweatshirts, sweaters, jackets, jeans, flannels, wool sweaters, skirts, modern clothing, shorts, blouses, and more.

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