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Vintage & Branded Clothing, mens & womens, By the Pound

Vintage & Branded Clothing, mens & womens, By the Pound

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Grade 1-2-3.

This will be a mix of ANYTHING that we sell on our 2nd floor wholesale/industry floor. This may be vintage or it may be modern branded or trendy (ex of non-vintage items we sell: Nike, Harley, Champion, tie dye tees, bajas, flannel shirts, military, silk dresses, trench coats, etc...).

We're going to be walking around and grabbing this, that, or the other. Your order will be completely random!

This mix is different and cheaper than our Vintage mix because *this* mix may include non-vintage items, while the Vintage mix only contains... vintage.

While these items have been graded to meet our quality control, certain vintage items have more "allowable" damage, such as holes in jeans; paint platter or yellowing on tshirts, frayed collars on denim jackets, etc.. So items may have damage such as stains, holes, missing buttons, small holes, etc... You should absolutely expect to treat & wash. If this will be an issue for you, please do not order.

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