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Damaged Levis jeans. Recycle grade. Patching! Projects! sold by the pound-SOLD OUT

Damaged Levis jeans. Recycle grade. Patching! Projects! sold by the pound-SOLD OUT

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Product Description

November 2: We are currently sold out of this product.
You can purchase for backorder but it will likely be DECEMBER before we ship.
If you order anyway and cancel later, we will deduct a 10% fee from your refund.

Condition: Grade 3.
These Levis jeans are too damaged for our usual mixes, which means they almost always will have crotch holes and/or holes in the butt, or other serious damage, and should be purchased as unwearable without your TLC and fixings.

This is a mix of damaged Levis jeans; both mens and womens but really usually like 95% mens', sold by the pound.
Why you ask? Because its amazing denim to use for reconstruction / deconstruction projects, for ripping & shredding, to make patches, for painting, etc...

We will TRY to only send you 100% cotton, but no guarantees. Also, they should all have functioning zippers, but if we miss a damaged zipper you are buying aware- meaning we will not offer a refund or replacment.

Sizes may be ANY range possible, from 28 to 40.
We are not offering size specific options for this super cheap mix, however if you want to come into the warehouse to "pick your own" you can with prior permission (send an email before showing up) and the price will be "by the piece" instead of by weight.

For "by the pound" orders we literally grab armfuls of the clothing until we meet the weight you order. We do not look at each and every piece, so your order may contain ANY variety of Levis jeans (any size, any colour, any style,any age) and THEY WILL BE DAMAGED.

Jeans average 1 per pound but it can vary. 100% cotton jeans will weigh more than blends.

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