The Good Stuff vintage mix by weight

The Good Stuff vintage mix by weight

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Condition: Grade 1

This mix of vintage is a much higher grade than our usual "by the pound" offerings. This is great as a store or starter mix, when you need some really good items right away. For this mix, we actually hand-pick every item. Your items may be vintage classics, such as: t-shirts, flannels, blouses, dresses, and denim, or they may be super trendy pieces. We try to send a mix of everything but if you order the 10 lbs- please remember that 10 lbs is not a lot of clothing!

We've added a colour palette to the ordering process to help you customize your order a bit. You can choose only one of the palettes. You do not have to choose anything if you prefer a more random mix. Not everything will be exactly these colours, but if you choose "summer" we're not going to send you all dark tones; and "winter" would not receive pinks and violets.

Even though we are a vintage company, sometimes the trendiest items are not totally vintage. These items: band tshirts, Harley Davidson tshirts, Tommy Hilfiger, Polo, and Levis branded, *may be* newer, but they are super popular. If you do not want any of these more modern, but trendy, products in your mix, please leave us a note when you checkout in the "order details" box!

Photos are examples only.

Bulk discount is offered for 100 lbs.

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